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We make jewelry for your home.  Our  bowls, trays, vases, candle holders and other holloware and enamelware, serving pieces and flatware  will make your table a statement in individuality.

All of this color and style is also expressed in our artisan jewelry that takes your wardrobe into the realm of uncommon and "only you".

Working with metals as a medium is intoxicating.The thousand possibilities and the beauty of the metals leads to a passion for the work,but sometimes it is just that we get to play with fire. Deep in the heart of every metal smith is a joyous little firebug.

We use the most basic of tools to form the metals - just a simple hammer and dished out stump or steel tools, many of which we make, but the love of color from my days as a fiber artist leads us to work with many different techniques to add color to our pieces

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